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KH Lim
07/08/2008 00:46:58
Re: Starting new job while clearing annual leave

Dear Sir,

Would appreciate if you could help to enlighten me on this issue. I have been offered a job which need to start on 2-9-08. My present co. require 1 month notice. I intend to give notice on 18-8-08 since i have prorated annual leave of 12 days not taken as at todate. As such, if i figure it right, my last day should be 17-9-08. If i calculated back for 12 days on leave to clear (based on 12 working days from 17-9-08), my last day with the company should be on 29-8-08 or 28-8-08.

Since from 29-30 August to 17th Sep i should be considered as officially on leave from my previous company, can i start work with the new company during this time? ie. 2ndSept?
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KL Siew
07/08/2008 09:01:43
Since you are going to leavem sort things out properly with your company especially about your prorated leave and last date of work. With everything properly in place then you can start work with the new company at any convenient date.
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07/08/2008 11:42:58
Thanks for your feedback.

Suppose my existing co says my last day of work is on 29th Aug will i be contravene any act by starting work on 2rd sep. since technically i will be considered on leave?
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KL Siew
07/08/2008 12:18:53
I am not aware of any such law.
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