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C. Lee
05/08/2008 15:08:48
Re: Comapny winding up compensation

Dear Sir

My question is : If a company is winding up due to poor business and losses, does the company concern have any obligation to compensate the employees according to the employment acts? If the employee in this case earning less than RM1500 per month. Does this obligation applies to the parent holding company if the excuse given that the says company is running out of fund. What can be done if the owner just close up the company without giving compensation.

Many thanks

C. Lee
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KL Siew
05/08/2008 16:52:14
Should that happen, the first thing you do is to report the matter to the Labour Office. Meanwhile, read up the Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits)Regulations at That will give all the info you need to know.
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