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Irene Sun
31/07/2008 16:40:58
Re: Lunch Hour ,Need to know ,urgent!

Hello good afternoon

I have some question

If i dint go out for lunch,can the company paksa the staff punch card?if i really don't want out for lunch and i din't ta pau lunch also ,i just site at office and i dint out at all ,means i no need to punch out right? can the company deduct my salary because i dint go out for lunch? our lunch time only 30min (12.30noon to 1pm) working 5 days ,sometime no mood to eat lunch or sometime no money buy lunch.

In my appointment letter they dint mention about this,i already work in this company 1 year , i join on June 2007 , salary now is RM 1650.00 as a general clerk ,the company also don't have black and white policy say want to punch card even dint go out at all.

The account write a small note on my salary slip,this is the note they write to me .... Note : All staff lunch hours must punch card pls punch card,if not going out pls punch card also.TQ.

What should i do if they really want to deduct the salary ? can the company simply deduct the staff salary?

Thanks & Regards
Irene sun
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KL Siew
31/07/2008 17:40:36
I think it is for better control for staff movement. If not, one will not know who went out and when did they come back. Your case may be genuine, but when there are many staff, one cannot be so sure.

But for deducting half hour's salary, there may be some problem. The staff can complain to the Labour Office should such thing happen.
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Irene sun
31/07/2008 17:50:12
i hear some off the people say is one off the account people say is the lady boss
(boss wife) they must follow, event no go out for lunch at all,because have to rush the work process (production), i rush for the document , because my boss also want me to handle the oversea supplier order and internal audit for ISO(as a M.R)

Now going out for lunch and buy a lunch is very expensive,so i sometime decide
dont want go out and for save money,our salary is low.

I hope the company don't do this for us is unfair,if i really out of couse i will punch out,but i really dint out at all also not logical..

This is first time i hear that...very sad.

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irene sun
31/07/2008 18:00:17
If the company really deduct my salary because off this matters, i will let you know by next month (end of the Aug) , i will try out 1 week don't want out from 4 Aug -8Aug,and i will see end the month aug the salary slip deduct or not.

I thank you very much that very fast reply me,at least i not so worry now.

Thanks, KL Siew

From : irene sun
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KL Siew
31/07/2008 18:16:25
What will happen if they accuse you of going out for lunch without punching out although you didn't go out? Looking at it another way, anyone who didn't punch out when they went for lunch, can also give the excuse that they stay in office during lunch time, can't they do that?
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Irene Sun
01/08/2008 09:19:10
our factory worker all is Foreign Worker , they all will go out for lunch and we have camera in factory , so who dint go out and who go out we know,Our factory when lunch time all the machine will stop it and off all the light,even lunch only 30min.

So, if i dint go out for lunch my boss also know and the cleaner also know,because afternoon my boss site at office eat lunch,our cleaner come at 12noon , but i don't know why his wife want do this? his wife work at home she not site in the office,actually is not need to punch out,even i dint go out ta pau or i dint bring food from home.

If i eat lunch in office of course i will punch because consider take lunch inside the office.
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Irene Sun
01/08/2008 09:36:22
what i consider is ,can company force the staff punch card even dint go out for lunch and dint eat in office or factory?if the staff dint punch the card can the company simply deduct staff salary?

If really happen to me, i will bring my salary slip and the punch card i will made a photocopy on it ,i need is bukti and i will report to the labour department before i made a complain.
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