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30/07/2008 16:33:45
Re: Salary Dedcution

Dear Sir,

I'm not a confirmed staff & took unpaid leave in June for 5 days. However, my Company deducted my salary /22 days instead of /26. The GM has recently announced that it's official that all calculation should be based on /26 days instead of /22 days. The problem is, my HR Dept refused to reimbused the balance of my salary that was deducted earlier. What she told me was past is past and the /26 days formula will take effect only in July. Is this against the Labour Law ? Please advise. Thank you.
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KL Siew
30/07/2008 16:53:20
I suggest you give a call to the Labour Office and ask which should be the correct calculation, using /22 or /26 To me it should be /number of days in the month concerned. When you have got the answer, post it here for the benefit of all.
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Jim Brown
02/08/2008 12:46:02
Hi KL Siew

I think the ocrrect figure is 26.
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Michelle Seah
06/08/2008 12:15:01
i think should be based on calendar day in month.
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