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wei wei
24/07/2008 17:50:21
Re: pregnancy - probation termination

Good afternoon,
I have a staff, manager level, we take her in 1/7/2008, she accept the offer , but haven't sign the appointment letter, coz she want to change the probation period from 6mth to 3 mth as per promisse by my GM during interview.

Then, she found herself pregnant, then she start to take MC , Unpaid leave for 2 weeks, during UL, she called other staff that she want to take 5 mths UL, but didn;t direct tell to HR dept. Now the company cannot wait for her 5 mths, and wondering HR dept can stop her contract using which EA ?
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KL Siew
24/07/2008 18:12:34
Just talk to her that the company cannot afford to accommodate her request for such long unpaid leave and advise her to resign first to rest. Tell her she could reapply for the job in future if there is a vacancy by then.
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