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24/07/2008 13:00:21
Re: Shift workers in public sector


I would like to ask a few questions regarding shift works..

1. Where can I refer for guidelines on working hours for shift workers in public sector in Malaysia. I need to reorganize the schedule for shift workers at my workplace, and I'm wandering the appropriate hours they should work per shift, the lapse hours they should have between 1 shift to another, etc.

2. Are the total working hours annualy for shift workers similar to normal working hours worker?

3. Are they any act / circular for public servant to receive shift allowance?

Fyi, I'm handling the operation unit in IT department and the IT technician works in shift as our operation required processing after office hours. I think we operate quite similar to banking sectors. Hence, the workers are not a uniformed workers.

Thanks for any info.
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KL Siew
24/07/2008 17:13:40
Public servants or Government employees are governed by their set of rules known as the General Orders or Perintah Am. You should consult your head of department about the questions

The Employment Act 1955 is not applicable to public employees.
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