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23/07/2008 18:13:18
Re: compulsory leave

Base on labour law, compulsory leave is it legal?
What i mean is, does company has the rights to force employees to take compulsory leave?

Waiting for your favorable reply.

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KL Siew
23/07/2008 19:32:36
When there are many employees in the company, the company has to regulate how staff should take leave. Otherwise, it can end up too many staff taking leave at the same time thus causing problems. A lot of companies do schedule the leave of the employees. To me, there is nothing wrong with such practice and I also it is a must administratively.
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Jim Brown
02/08/2008 12:50:56
Hi KL Siew

I think according to the labour department, no staff shoud be force to take leave.

Thier advise to employer is to close the company for that day. Oh yes the company is just giving everyone a paid holiday.
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