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23/07/2008 09:59:32
Re: Unwilling pay of EPF/SOCSO

I have started working on 1st Jul 08 and yesterday received a notice by letter (which was not under the company letterhead) from the employer for retrenchment. I have checked with the HR and it seems that the company is not paying EPF/SOCSO for my near to 1 month employment with them.

Today, I've got the request from employer to stay back for the new assignment. However I have decline and the employer sweared at me. May I know how do I deal with this?
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KL Siew
23/07/2008 10:14:10
You have done something very unexpected from a new employee. Do you think you can have a happy working life there from now on? How about trying to apologize and agree to take the assignment?.
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23/07/2008 10:25:24
Perhaps what my wife shared wasn't clear enough, I am the victim here and it seems like I'm more like a temporary staff to fill in the gap awaiting for the main actors to step in. Furthermore, the bos, as professional as he should be, shouldnt have swear in front of me for no reason, he was referring to someone else when he was saying it. To be honest I will not be happy at all, its hell rite now knowing they can ask u to give way anytime. Anyway, apologise is not necessary from my point of view and taking the assignment is totally out. Anymore suggestions?
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23/07/2008 10:40:33
Hi Sir,

In the beginning, I was looking forward in performing for the company and the notice just came to me unexpectedly. In fact, I was caught by surprise and I do not know what went wrong and the real reason of the retrenchment. The employer just mentioned that I am not the suitable person for the job. Besides, there are no absolute reason for me to apologise as in the first place, I did nothing wrong. From the mouth of other colleagues, this is rather very normal to the company for new employee to come in and goes. I personally do not think there will be a happy working life if I knew that the trend of hiring and firing is at the employer's ease and mood. There is no security of work if to mention.

The employer needs me in the new assignment while waiting for the new person to come in and fill in the shoe.

I have good employment records with my 2 past employers and the recent one lasts for 7 years. I am moving on due to the former boss on the way of retirement.

My question: If my company is not paying my EPF/ SOCSO during my employment with them. What action can I take?

p/s other unfortunate staffs may being taken advantage by the employer stripping them off their benefit but at least I have proactive research for my right.
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