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21/07/2008 14:18:47
Re: levy pay , shift work and EPF

1) Are garment factories required to contribute EPF on behalf of foreign workers (saw an article stating the requirement since 1998)
2) Does the law states that the levy pay can be deducted from foreign workers or the employer has to pay it?
3) Shift work; If a shift employee workers on a shift from 4.30pm to 1am next day on Saturday, should the one hour (till 1am on Sunday morning) be considered as rest day work? The next shift starts at Monday 4.30pm.
4) Can female employees be employed in a fixed night shift? Throughout the month? (without rotating for day shift)
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KL Siew
21/07/2008 15:14:03
1. I thought the requirement for employers to contribute to EPF for foreign workers was discontinued years ago. Ask the EPF if necessary.

2. I think it is from the foreign workers. The employer paid first and then collect back from the foreign workers by monthly deduction.

3. It is not considered as working of rest days. Confirm it with the Labour Office.

4. It is not stated in the Employment Act. You may have to look at the conditions imposed by the Human Resource Ministry when they gave their approval on application by the employer for female shift workers. Consult the Labour Office about this.
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