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Jm. Anthonis Tatum
21/07/2008 11:07:30
Re: change of job status from full time to part time due health problem

I have worked with a company for 9 months and my position has already been confirmed. My question here : Following the inconsistency of my work attendances due to my old health problems that have resurfaced lately ( repeatedly affected by a chronic sinus and asthma / difficulty in breathing ), I have decided to work on a part time basis as this helps relax my problem . Is it possible for me to write a short notice instead of one month notice to my company ? I cannot risk my health problem any longer.
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KL Siew
21/07/2008 13:14:39
In such case like yours, I think it will be better if you talk directly with your employer about your intention. In the first place, you don't know whether there is such part time work you there. Talk to your employer.
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