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19/07/2008 13:51:59
Re: Calculation of wages for daily rate worker that working on rest day

According S60(3)(a)(i)-Daily rate worker that working does not exceed half the normal hours of work on rest day, one day's wages at his ORP.
eg: ORP=26.976,
if let sat Ali working 4 hours on Sun, then calculation as below:
but if Ali working only 3 hours on Sun, then calculation as below:
26.976/8*3*2=20.232, am i right?

Seeking for your advice, thanks.
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KL Siew
19/07/2008 17:05:26
I am not sure who you arrived at the ORP of a daily rated worker.

To me, if for example, a worker is paid a daily of RM40, his wages for the day is RM40. If he works not more half of the normal hours of work on rest day, he will get RM40. If he works more than half of the normal hours on a rest day, then he will get RM80.

In your case, if the daily rate as you said is 26.976 and he works say less than 4 hours on Sunday (don't care if he works 1 hour or 3.99 hours), he will get 26.976. If he works over 4 hours, he will get 26.976x2=??
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