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SY Tan
17/07/2008 11:37:02
Re: Short notice caluclation

I would like to clarify the short notice calculation.
For example, if employee gives notice on 17/06/2008 and his notice period is one month. That mean, the last working day is supposely on 16/07/2008. But he works until 01/07/2008. FYI, he still got 5 day annual leaves.

May I know which calculation is correct under EA?
1. from 02/07/2008 to 16/07/2008 is 14 days short. After deduct 5 day annual leave, then the employee should pay back 14-5=9 days pay.

2. consider his last work day on 8/7/2008 due to 5/7 & 6/7 is offday and restday (with offset the AL). Then calculate the short notice as (16/07/2008 - 08/07/2008)= 8 days.

Appreciate you can give me the actual calulation stated in EA.

Thank you.

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KL Siew
17/07/2008 12:37:51
In my opinion, #1 should be correct. A straight forward calculation will do.
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18/07/2008 08:31:26
My point of view.
The physical last day of work is 01/07/08, effective termination date from company is 02/07/08.
Short of notice = 15 days [not 14 days (16-2), it must include 02/07/08 and 16/07/08]. Pelase check).

If the employee didn't apply annual leave to offset his notice period, we will pay him 5 days annual leave and deduct short notice for 15 days.

If not mistaken, the calculation for short notice (based on calendar month) and annual leave (basic salary/26 days) is different.
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