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14/07/2008 18:27:55
Re: Annual Leave Vs. Unpaid Leave

Employee A has balance 7 days of annual leave. As she is going for overseas private trip for 15 days, she applied total 15 days of Unpaid Leave.
Q1. Can we reject her leave and ask her to take 7 days annual leave and 8 days unpaid leave?
Q2. Can employee take unpaid leave where he/she is still have balance annual leave?
Q3. If the manager disapprove her unpaid leave and if she didn't turn up for work, would it considered 'absent'?
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KL Siew
14/07/2008 20:00:51
I think that is purely administrative matters. It is up to you to decide what you think is best.
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Affendi Ahmad
22/07/2009 11:20:03
Re. Annual Leave & Unpaid Leave

I have balance 5 days A/leave, I hv actually enroled for further out campus study under own expences. The course is related to my curreny work and will be beneficial to company as well. The problem is the some of the class/tutorial is on Saturday morning ( Saturday is halfday working hrs) and the company ask me apply for annual leave and unpaid leave when all my annual leave fully been used.
I have request for working hours replacement instead of taken the annual leave but has not been approved by company.
I feel unfair me as if I work on Saturday is only 4hrs but now my 1day annual leave gone and I hv to complete my course for 2 1/2 years. Means no more annual leave for me any more. Pls help where can refer of this problems.
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