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New Employer
14/07/2008 11:50:35
Re: Unhelpful staff

I have just hired a new sales staff.

He has not turned up at the office daily during office hours, claiming that he is busy seeing clients. When I asked for a list of sales funnel, i.e. customer name and contact numbers and sales opportunities being worked on, he refused to provide. He is not helpful when being assigned a task.

What steps should I take to resolve this problem? He has worked here a month plus only but I don't think we can have a fruitful relationship.

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KL Siew
14/07/2008 15:56:40
If what you said is true, then refuse to pay him his salary as he has not come to work. Let him take whatever action he wants to.
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New Employer
17/07/2008 10:48:28
Shouldn't I worry about the action he takes, may cause tedious justification to the Labour Department.

Any advice on the short and sweet way to get ride of this unhelpful staff?
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KL Siew
17/07/2008 12:49:15
There is no short and sweet way. In your case, it is only your side of the story that the employee is unhelpful, not good and so on but the employee may have his side of the story. It is only after hearing the stories of both sides then the Labour Department can make a decision as to who is right and who is wrong.
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