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10/07/2008 11:42:35
Re: Varification

1. My salary is RM2K per month worked for 7 years. Company is closing soon, so please let me know how much am I entitiled too.

2. If we are not satisfied with the VSS what is the final dateline to make a complaint.

3. If we are not happy with the VSS how do all of us unite and make a report at one go. Will this be possible. Because my company is retrenching people one by one each month within the 6 months period.
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KL Siew
10/07/2008 11:53:50
There have been quite a number of queries pertaining to VSS lately. If you read our discussion with Vanitha Nair on 5th July and others, you may be able to get some info on the amount of termination benefits.

Whatever it is, if you are not happy with the offer by employer, you may consult the Industrial Relations Department and get some advice from them.
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