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09/07/2008 09:02:10
Re: Transfer to a different post due to pregnancy problems

Due to bleeding in my third month of pregnancy, doctor suggested that I request for
3 months unpaid leave to rest. I wrote a letter requesting this to my superior. My
superior agreed. After 3 months, doctor informed that I am fit to return to work.
When I returned the HR Manager informed that I have been transfered to help other department due to my previous condition. She said that I will be given light work due to this condition. The nature of my job has also changed. I am employed as a secretary in this company but now my post would be Admin Officer. My job has been replaced by another person. Kindly advice accordingly.
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KL Siew
09/07/2008 09:31:19
It is quite a difficult situation. In the first place, your company has been quite considerate in allowing you to take 3 months unpaid leave. I also think you company is right to give you lighter work in view of your condition. I think you can accept the transfer but let them know that would like to get the former job back should there a vacancy one day. They just cannot sack the person who took over your job to accommodate you.

Why not also consult the Industrial Relations Department for more views?

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09/07/2008 10:58:49
The person who had taken my place has an Executive position in the company. Before the Executive position she was a Secretary. I thought that I could resume my position once I returned from my unpaid leave and she can go back being an Executive. The H.R. Manager informed me that I could not resume my work even after my confinement due to the rapid changes in the company. 2 days ago H.R. gave me a one page letter defining the transfer. I refuse to sign it due to I have to report to 3 departments and they did not define my position after my confinement. I ask them for a copy of the letter but they refuse to give it to me. Now I am floating without any particular dept. As for my replacement, she has been promoted to Senior Executive and there is no way I can reresume that position again.

Thank you and hope u could clarify further.
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KL Siew
09/07/2008 12:31:02
If the matter cannot be solved internally, I think the only way is for you to consult the Industrial Relations Department see whether they can give you any help to settle the problem.
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