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03/07/2008 20:10:10
Re: Unused annual leave & replacement leave payments

Dear Sir,

I have tendered my resignation, which requires 4 weeks notice, on 28th May 2008 and my last day should be 24th June 2008. However , I still worked untill 30th June 2008 to finish my final assignment and I have 13.5 days of annual leave and 21.5 days of replacement leave as confirmed by HR Dept on 30th June 2008. When will I be paid for my June Salary and all the unused annual and replacement leave? But I just receive my June salary today without the payment for my unutilised annual leave. My unutilsed leaves will be paid Early of August 2008. Can they hold the payment until August ? Can I ask them to pay me together with my June salary?

Thanks for your attention.

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KL Siew
03/07/2008 20:44:15
Your HR should be able to tell you when you will get paid. Just ask them.
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