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02/07/2008 09:41:30
Re: Probationary period

Dear Sir,

I am currently under probation for 3 months already, another 3 months to go, and because
of the nature of the job which is very stressful, i had anxiety problems. I went to see the doctor which gave me relaxant pills. Later, i went to see a counsellor and she said that i have moderate depression. At the same time, i went to see a GP and was taking anti depressant pills in which i feel much better and able to do my work. I shared this with my partner who advised me to talk to my boss. I also requested for a change to another team because the job function is more similar than my previous job before i joined this company. But my boss ask me to take a break, in another words to resign and ask me to take good care of my health. I was not allowed to change team. Does he has the right to do that according to labour law?
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KL Siew
02/07/2008 10:18:32
If it is the job that causes all the stress, then I think you should try to look for a job that is less stressful. Your boss is right, health is more important. He is of course not obliged to change team for you. Discuss your problems with your parents. One advice, be very careful with those medication. You may become even more depressed after its effect is over. Get proper medical advice about it.
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