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In Trouble
01/07/2008 11:41:22
Re: RE: Knowledge Transfer

Hi There,

I have been working for a couple of months in this company. Hereafter referred as AB. I went through the interview and all the process was fine. This job was new to me as I was having a different background all together. I have also mentioned this during my interview to the HR and the manager whom I am reporting to. As per the say during interview, the manager did mention that nothing much to worry as the knowledge transfer will be provided and the orientation will take place eventually upon selection.

Issue 1 : I was selected and things were not as promised, i reliased that the department was lack of manpower and I was told to carry out multiple task (definitely misuse of the term Multitasking) and I had to actually work till late everyday up to minimum 8pm and report to work by 8pm. I am not entitled to any OT claim though, but only meal allowance given. Even that claim is pending.

Issue 2 : Till date no orientation on the company was provided and when I requested, the replied would be in a harsh manner.

Issue 3 : No knowledged transfer were given. All the knowledge transfer I had was only through my own attempt to ask and get to know from others. No proper documentation were given for a guide. I will need all the information in order to commit to the task and dealings with the third party entitiy and without this knowledge or info i will not be able to complete my task. all this info were only given to me after some issue and i am in trouble.
Any reference after the knowlegde transfer is an offence even to verify the job done. This is crucial in my task as it implicates a huge gain and loss for the company. So seeking senior assistance or the manager itself is not permittable. How do i handle this n how to perform my task

Issue 4 : Whenever I had issues and approached some guidance, the response i get is very painful. Shout, Scream and all kind of volguer words comes along most of the times, they speak in a language that is not my native language - but definitely a shout and throwing things on the desk. I understand nothing but only after the others in other dept tell me wat was their words all about.

Issue 5: Many task of others and the manager are pushed to me, I am unable to perform well in my own task then. I will have no time. I had to stay back all day long ending up to work more than 12 hours almost everyday and even on saturdays.

Apologize me for this long paragraphs but I really need some assistance. I am in terrible situation now. My medical records lately show that I am expereincing stress and high BP lately. I had no issues before like this in previous employment. Generally, I am a healthy person all this while. Please help. Where can I seek HELP? PLease HELP.

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KL Siew
01/07/2008 13:46:10
I don't what about you. For me, I would have started to look for another job elsewhere long ago. This place is not for you, that's all I can say. Do whatever you can now and start looking around.
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In Trouble
07/07/2008 12:21:28
Is there a way that I can also teach them a lesson on this violations and discrimination by the emplyer? Is there any relevant authorities who can help me out?
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KL Siew
07/07/2008 15:17:28
Visit the Industrial Relations Department and talk to one of the officers there, see whether they can help you in any way.
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