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Tang Chee Keong
01/07/2008 09:20:34
Re: Recieved warning letter

My issue here is I got a warning letter from my CEO recently and the reason is "negligence at work and failure to perform duty assigned causing missing of company properties".
For your info...I was assigned to this special task force team(STFT) with a nos of mgrs (decided by CEO) as below organization (w.e.f.M/Feb"08 ~ 30/May"08):
Mgr Japanese......Cktang (main)......Mgr A.(sub)........Mgr B,Mgr C,Mgr D.....Assets Sales .(assignment).
and another 2 assignment ..Factory Relocation & Inventory Clearance.

Incident happen of missing 1st discover on 2/6/08 by mgr D and reported on 5/6/08 to management (26 units camcoder missing) and 2 incident discover missing of equipments on 13/6/08 reported to management on 19/6/08.
Refering to the OC by management
1-a>I assigned pic with "keys" to location to keep equipments and handle overall the operation of the area..meaning Mgr A & Mgr D is given the control keys.
-b>Assigned mgrs to arrange "tagging" of equipments in control area.
2>On other control & support requested to General Affair management , I did officially sent an e-mail to tighten & extra control on goods going out of factory related to 2 products which cease operation by end of Mar"08.
(my e-mail to Japanese,Local and 3 top management include CEO was sent on 29/Feb"08).
By the way for Mgr A ,B and C have already left company after the VSS activities that end on 30/May'08.
My Question:
1>Can the CEO issue the warning letters to me and mgr D only? and on basis... and for related dept mgrs in charge of Total Company Security was not issued an warning letters? Do I have case?
2>Do labour law have specific procedure to employers that a "verbal warning" is to be issue or domestic injury to be held before ANY issuance of "warning letter"?

Urgently needed your advice...
p/s....BTW I have been in this group organization for past 25 years.

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KL Siew
01/07/2008 10:36:51
Since your CEO could not pinpoint who was really responsible for the loses, I think he, in order to do his job, just issued a blanket warning to all those responsible for the operation. He could not simply keep quiet about the loses. He has to cover himself up also. ABC managers could have received similar warning had they been around. Of course, a domestic inquiry is an ideal process, but I am not sure how you are going to undo the 'injustice'. now.

Consult the Industrial Relations Department for some official advice.

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01/07/2008 11:05:37
Dear KLSiew,
Tks..on your recommendation.
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