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28/06/2008 08:57:44
Re: Personal humiliation

Good day sir,

I had a problem that might be minor in view of others, but i really felt unease, hope u could guide me through as soon as possible. I'm working as a front liner in a reosrt and this week i'm working under a graveyard shift that is from 11pm-7am.

The day before yesterday was my resort staff party and i had join in to enjoy my self that night b4 work, i had a few glass of beer & went to work b4 11pm. It was a busy day that night that i had left out a few task to be carry, normaly a night duty staff have to post all room charges to travel agent and i had miss out few rooms because i had too many job & skip the double check part. By this morning, when i'm about to leave workplace, it's about 7.25am my service manager call me to the morning breafing and asked why i do not complete my job b4 i went back home, i felt i was wrong and keep silence, but he sounded at me infront of every morning staff and said i'm drunk.
I'm felt so unease when he's judging my working abilities, i had work under no alcoholic influence, it's just a human eror that i left out some part, all my night collegue including night manger could prove that i'm not drunk because i only had 3 glass of beer & i had completed 95% of my job. I'm currently in listed for promotion & what he said is trying to hurt my career advancement, he had no prove that i was influenece by alcoholic yet he had throw those word on me because he wants to prevent me to be on same level as he does.

I do not know how to react & i hope there's some labour law that could help me out, what i want is to make him apologize for judging my working abilities without prove so that i could clean up my name, if not it will effect my promotion, appreciate with your help & thousand thanks in advnace.
P.S sorry for the long story...
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KL Siew
28/06/2008 12:10:47
Don't be too sensitive. No one is perfect, one can always make a slip here and there and got ticked off. I tend to think you are a good work and take pride of what you do. Just keep up with the good work and the incident will soon be forgotten. No need trying to make him apologise and that will make matter worse.
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28/06/2008 18:42:05
Hmm`... what u said in true.. sigh.. i just felt unease being humiliated like that.. hmm`.. i think i should just let things slip away.
Thanks allot for your advise & it's indead a wise one, thanks again =)
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