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26/06/2008 10:38:55
Re: How can i dismiss an employee during probation?

Good day to you,
I have a staff that has been with us for about 4 months plus now and her probation is for 6 months.During this period, she has been absent from work for about a month - 3 weeks on chicken pox and another 5 days are normal MC's. In between, she did a disappearing act for about 3 days and didnt report to work. The head of dept ended up calling n smsing her just to find out where she was. She is blur with her duties and even after training, she still claims that she didnt know or didnt understand. She is always having a lot of personal calls whether its on the office line or handphone. So with this few situation, we intend to let her go within 24 hours and we have paid her her full month of salary in June 2008.
If we terminate her, can she bring us to industrial court or even labour office?
In our contract, we did state that
-During the period of probation, the employment can be terminated at
twenty four (24) and/or one (1) week’s notice on either side, without
any specific reason being assigned.
Can you advice me? Thank you.
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KL Siew
26/06/2008 11:55:11
I presume you have given her warnings. If so, just terminate her service and let her take any action she wants.
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