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25/06/2008 17:04:59
Re: How to terminate a problematic staff?

Hi. I'm an employer and have a very problematic site supervisor who extremely stubborn, lazy and create problems in office and clients. According to the appointment letter each party can terminate the other with 2 month notice. He's earning RM2500/month now. I wonder whether I can terminate him using the term in the appointment letter. In fact I have been issuing him many warning letters these few years yet he refused to change his attitudes and show no improvement. Please help. I stuck and the rest of the staff also stuck with this guy. Thanks for willing to help

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KL Siew
25/06/2008 17:34:48
Should have got rid of him years ago. It is quite tricky to do it now. Since you don't want to be stuck with this guy, you can try to terminate his service according to the terms and conditions. But you should be ready to offer him termination benefits some things like those in the Employment (Termination and Lay off Benefits) Regulations. Pay to get rid of him.

If you are thinking of dismissal on grounds of misconduct because of extremely stubborn, lazy and so on, I think it is not safe even though you may hold proper domestic inquiry. Better let him go amicably.
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