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25/06/2008 12:05:43
Re: Change of Department, salary changed

Hi, need clarification here,

Basically this is the situation. I was previously in Sales department with a 90/10 salary deduction for quota. For example my salary is 4k and with a cut of 10%, i receive RM3600. It will only paid in full after I fulfill my sales quota. However, when I changed department, would my salary be counted as RM3600 or RM4K? If the company reduced it o RM3600 is that legal? Thanks

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KL Siew
25/06/2008 14:16:07
What can I say about such thing? I am not sure whether it is 3600 + 400 or 4000-400. I tend to think your salary is actually 3600 and 400 is added if quota is reach and not the other way round. You should clarify with the company.
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