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24/06/2008 21:17:39
Re: Pull back offer letter

Dear Siew

I work in a big company on a 2 year contract and at the same time working towards my Master in a local university. The company is sponsoring my studies. I started in May 2007 and in May 2008 I received a letter confirming me as a permanent staff with an adjustment in salary.
Now the HR wants to pull back the letter. I think they made a blunder not knowing that I am a contract staff. What should I do? This issue really demotivate me.
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KL Siew
25/06/2008 09:30:31
Since your company is willing to sponsor your studies, I think they value your service there. Try to sell yourself and convince your HR that you will be more an asset than a liability by putting into a permanent position and see what will be their next move.
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