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20/06/2008 14:59:09
Re: Recruitment Problem - staff retention

Hi Mr Siew,

Good day to u.

Need your advice again on the below matter.

Recently (last 1-2 mths) we just managed to getting more people to joining us as retail staff.

Unfortunatelly i just heard the Sales Manager said that there are few staff are resigning by end this month due to "Not performing".
But from what has came across my mind is that the sales manager cant produce more / higher sales due to increasing cost
so he intend to give more pressure to those retail staff and ask them to leave. He is doing this way just because to avoid from being questioned
by MD for not producing after getting enough manpower, and blaming HR dept for not providing quality people to sales dept.
(from the recent performance appraisal, the sales manager was rank of ' Unacceptable' on the columm of 'result orientated')

So what should i do to protect myself (for not being blamed by Sales Dept) ???

Thank you in advance.

Mei Ling

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KL Siew
20/06/2008 15:17:46
Your problem is not something unusual. HR always has such recruitment problem, one side keeps recruiting while the other side people keep leaving. If it is possible, try setting up a training department or something like that whereby new recruits are given some training as to what to do and how to do before sending them to the departments concerned. Get people from those departments to do the training. Then you can say "they were given training by your people, what more do you want?"
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