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20/06/2008 00:44:33
Re: employer want me to resign additional task

Recently I applied and received an internal position within the company. The position (in charge of welfare for student) is not related to my actual job description and for that I am compensated with additional allowance and a company house to be use for the duration of the task (2 years). The offer letter said that the company can change the term of service for the said task only without any notice, but for my primary task, the term and condition remain unchanged.

The current situation, I was placed under a working group for an upcoming event which have no relation to my primary job but the management argue that it have relation with the additional position as it involve student registration.

I wrote a letter to the person in charge asking for exemption from the working group because it fall on a weekend. My primary tasks has already require me to work in most weekend so I asked for the exemption.

Upon receiving my application, the upper management assume that I couldn't give full commitment to the additional duties and suggest that I resign from the extra position. He even instruct another manager to look for a replacement.

So far he had only given a verbal decision but I've replied verbally that I did give my full commitment to my primary duty and the additional duty. I only intend to apply an exemption for that particular day but he still want me to resign.

If I don't resign the position and the management still decide to terminate me from the additional task, what can I do? Can I ask for compensation especially the cost of moving out from the company house?

Please note that they only ask me to resign the additional task and not my primary job. My salary is less than Rm4K and the additional task entitled me for a RM400 allowance and a house.
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KL Siew
20/06/2008 08:26:17
You are surely in a tight situation. For me, I think they can terminate that additional task but they should pay for the cost of moving etc You better consult a lawyer or the Industrial Relations Department for some advice.
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