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Nicholas Yap
15/06/2008 01:28:56
Re: Can i terminated my staff within probation

Can i terminated my staff within probation period with/ without reasons?
For your information his probation period is 6 month, He worked with me for 2 weeks
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Nicholas Yap
15/06/2008 01:55:33
Additional Question:-

My boss was dislike him due to not enough social with my colleague or another words "work in SOLO (Team work is very important for us) we already discuss this matter with him personally and he aware his problem but not much changes. In this situation, can i dismiss him with this kind of reason (He only work with me for less than 2 weeks)?

1. Can he sue me under "Section 20(1) of the Industrial Relations Act" if i dismiss him?

2. Is it this kind of reasons (Not social like to work SOLO) , enough to dismiss him?
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