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10/06/2008 19:59:35
Re: deduction of unpaid leave

Dear Sir,
Is it the right calculation of my 1 day unpaid leave:-

Basic : 1500
Trav allw : 200
Phone allw :100
total :1800 x 25/26=1730.77

Thank you
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10/06/2008 20:09:40
Sorry, to add additional question.
i think allowance should not be deducted, therefore 1500x25/26=1442.32+200+100=RM1742.31.

I also confuse when to use 26days/mth or calender day i mean if Jan=31days?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
10/06/2008 20:18:31
For 1 day unpaid in May, it should be 1800/31=58.06

Your May salary before EPF,SOCSO deductions should be 1800-58.06=1741.94

Whichever way, the difference is not much.
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