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agnes chin
04/06/2008 10:47:15
Re: medical leave

i have a few questions regarding medical leave:-
1) can my staff claims all her mc for the whole year in 1 particular month?
eg mc entitled for the year=14 days and she claims 14 days in Apr'08?
she resign in May'08

2) can the company control the mc entitled eg maximum 4 days per particular month?

3) can the staff absence and claim sick via sms but later fail to forward sick cert?
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KL Siew
04/06/2008 11:21:01
1. Yes, if certified by qualified doctor to be sick for so many days. Must have a sick certificate from the doctor.

2. No, you cannot do that.

3. Without the sick cert. it is just absence.
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agnes chin
04/06/2008 11:59:26
thks for your help
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Micheal Heng
28/08/2008 16:03:48
Hi, KL , what is the best practice to tackle the frequent MC workers ?
I have a pools of workers whoes is frequently on mc....this is seriouly hurting our productivity,,,,and cost. The medical leaves are given by panel clinic and it is hard for us to discipline the workers from abusing this benefits.
What is the step I need to take in order to terminate this type of workers ?
We are running 12 hrs shift ( Only Morning ) ( 7 x 12 hrs shift pattern ). While they are on mc, we have to call out those rest day workers for support,,,and they are entitled to x2 OT payment.
We are PCBA industry with ISO 14001 working environment and it is no reason that workers fall sick in this clean and safety working environment.

Thanks for your advise.
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