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04/06/2008 01:52:08
Re: termination of service

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to know whether my employer can terminate my service due to not performing / not meeting up KPI / team's monthly expectation.

To be noted that the targeted KPI of my team is very unrealistic and have been promptly brought my superior's attention in many occasion.
I' ve been placed under 3 months improvement programme and now as i did not met for one of the month , my superior is going to issue a show cause letter followed by a 2 weeks suspension.

is this right? one of my colleague who faced the same situation has been announced no more the employee via an email after went hrough DI . now another colleague of mine has been issued a show cause letter . also note that 2 of my colleagues has resign from jon within 24 hours in just one month afraid to face the consequnces.
10 out 20 in my team are placed under the 3 months programme.

I can predict what will going to happen to be looking at the pattern

Is that anything can be done ?

is my superior / employer can terminate me from my mployement just because not meeting up the team's monthly goal/KPI?

Please advice ....


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KL Siew
04/06/2008 06:47:05
If they sack you eventually and you think that is unfair, you can complain. You can lodge a complaint at the Industrial Relations Department under Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act.
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