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02/06/2008 17:26:51
Re: Notice Period

My previous company has stated in the offer letter as 2 months notice.
1st of all they never follow any Labor Law and they tent to act as what they like.
I have resigned on 8th April 2008 ( Tuesday ) and serve my notice period till 9th April 2008 Friday
An Employers offer letter will be automatically over ruled by Employment Act 1955 if it is not in alliance with the Act by it self.
Part II, Contracts of Service.
Clause 12.Notice of termination of contract.
(2)(a) four weeks notice if the employee has been so employed for less than two years.
I was employed on 1st October 2007 ( less then 2 years )
I still am waiting for my 9 days salary after the contribution to the EPF & SOCSO scheme in accordance with the prevailing statutory regulation.

Im on the right sight to demand what is right fully mine, true?
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KL Siew
02/06/2008 18:26:26
If the notice period in the offer letter is two months, then you will have to give two months notice. Section 12 is for those where no notice period is stated in the offer letter. It does not apply in your case.
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03/06/2008 08:51:39
Thanks for your reply.
But you see they tent to fix the notice period as they wish, this is not right and there are few other things that have been doing and still are not right via Law.
Thus, Im taking action against them. Thanks anyhow.
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