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31/05/2008 18:38:00
Re: Resignation issue


i've tender my resignation letter to my office on 21/5/2008 and they reject back to me and ask me to think about it. as i've mention in the resignation letter my last day would be on 3/6/2008, but when i confirm with my boss, she said that they didn't get any resignation letter from me, so they will start calculate 2 weeks once i hand over the letter to my boss again. they still owe me march's and april's OT pay and transport allowance. if i quit within the notice period (2 weeks even i've pass up my resignation letter), do i still entitle for the OT & transport allowance claim (march & april)? as i still have may's OT claims and transport allowance with them. any others deduction they will make?thanks.
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KL Siew
31/05/2008 20:29:56
I am not very clear about the notice you have given. You said they have rejected your letter and asked you to think about it, doesn't it mean they have received it? About you OT and transport, you should get them if have performed the work. I am not very clear your case, but should there be any problem, you can always consult or complain to the Labour Department.
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