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29/05/2008 12:12:17
Re: Guidance on HR roles & responsibilities

Dear Mr Siew,

Need your opinion on the below matter.

I was hired as HR Exec on last year, and during the interview i was told by the MD that basically i need to taking care of local companies
and overlook of overseas HR activites.

But now i am feeling unfair, that my job scope become Group HR whereby i need to know in details of those expatriate's activities incld of
salaries, leave, and also their commission scheme. My question is i act as a HR Executive, should i covers those expatriate' s commission calculation ??
whereby our companies have a group accountant (which monitoring the financial of whole organisation), regional accountant and their own account staff as well.
Should the commission scheme fall under finance dept 's responsiblities or HR ??

Fyi, the local (Malaysia) company's commission was solely responsible by finance dept only and the group accountant will monitor on it.
If i would like to pass the responsible back to group accountant, what should i say ? or i can do ?

Please guides me on the above mentioned, as i was lost my way now.

Thank you in advance.

Warm regards,
Mei Ling
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KL Siew
29/05/2008 14:44:24
You cannot tell the bosses those are not your job. Passing the buck is quite common especially when your department is not so 'powerful'. Complain to your HR manager if you have one, he or she should protect the interest of the department. Otherwise, you will have to learn along the way. Train up your staff and distribute some the work to them.
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