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27/05/2008 10:15:05
Re: Labour office & IRD

How do you know where you are to take matters relating to your employer? For example, do you go to the Labor Office if you are covered by Employment act because your salary is RM1500 & below and if you get paid anything higher than RM1500 to the Industrial Relations Dept?
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KL Siew
27/05/2008 10:46:47
If you really have a problems with your employer, you can approach the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department for advice. Anyone will do because they will give you the details. But just for you info:

1. The Labour Department. This department enforces the Employment Act which covers matters such as termination of service, working hour, annual leave, sick leave, maternity allowance and so on as instated in the Act. If you have problems relating to such matters you approach the Labour Department. The EA covers employees as stated in the First Schedule of the Act.

2. The Industrial Relations Department. This department enforces the Industrial Relations Act. They deal with all sorts of industrial disputes between employers and employees. Any employee can approach the department. It does not matter how much is your salary. One very common matter is dismissal.

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