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22/05/2008 21:12:21
Re: Hospitalisation Leave

An employee was hospitalised straight from 1st May 2008 to 15 May 2008 (15 days). How many days of hospitalisation leave shall be recorded? We work 5 days a week and office close on Saturday and Sunday.
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KL Siew
23/05/2008 08:47:53
It will be recorded as 15 days although the company is on 5-day week.
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23/05/2008 18:51:34
Mr KL Siew, thank you for yr advised.
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04/06/2008 16:59:16
i am confuse with hospitalization.

what is mean with :-

1. "if employee is cert. by doctor to be ill enough to be hospitalized, but is not hospitalized for whatever reason, the employee is deemed to be hospitalized. ????

2." An employee is entitled to only 60 days of sick leave in total in a calendar year regardless of whether his sickness necessitates hospitalization or not. "

3. 60 days in aggregate: but any paid sick leave taken must be deducted from the 60 days.

so mean the total MC + hospitalization is 60 days???

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