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15/05/2008 21:46:11
Re: My employer havent paid me my March 2008 salary.

Dear Sir,
Im Malathi paramanathan would like to make complain that my previous employer have not paid my March 2008 salary. He has been giving many excuses.I left the company on the 29/03/2008. Ive given him one week notice. Reason i left is the is no EPF contribution and appointment letter. I felt it is not safe working him . He told me to find replacement before me leaving but i refuse to do so because i dont thing ppl will be happy working with him due to late salry, no appointmentlater and lastly no EPF contribution . I felt he is not right because he has been paying the salary late every month When i call him for my salary he keeps on giving excuses . And when my husband called him he said he will pay next week and we have waited for almost a month and till now there is no sign of him . Pls help me .
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KL Siew
16/05/2008 08:07:37
What you need to do is to make a complaint at the Labour Department. They will help to solve the problem.
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