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14/05/2008 10:57:22
Re: 'Comparison of Working with Large Corporation vs SME companies'

Dear Mr Siew,,,,,, etc

Your feedback/sharing will be much appreciated on the below survey.

Our company (SME) are dealing with retail industry, now we are doing a brief survey about the 'Comparison of Working with Large Corporation vs SME companies' in order to improve or compete with other companies.

The survey covers of (basically target for sales person- executive level) :

1. Benefits & Compensation:
a) Basic salary : RM
b) commission or allowances :
c) working hours :
d) others (pls specify) :

2. Fringe Benefits :
a) leave entitlement (AL)
b) Public Holiday
c) Insurance/ medical benefits:
d) others (pls specify)

3. Long term/ Invisible benefits :
a) Promotion / Increment :
b) career development:
c) others (pls specify)

4. Others : (pls suggest - may be which is out of my mind now)

Thank you.
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KL Siew
14/05/2008 12:50:23
As a private company, I don't know how you are going to conduct the survey. Will large companies respond to your questionnaires and inquiries? Why not pay a visit to MIDA (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority) or visit the website a If you are a member of MEF (Malaysian Employers Federation), they may be able to give you some info.
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