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11/05/2008 23:43:02
Re: Suspension Period

Hi, I have a query here for suspension period that follow section 14(2) For the purposes of an inquiry under subsection (1), the employer may suspend the employee from work for a period not exceeding two weeks but shall pay him not less than half of his wages for such period;

If let say the situation is for the case of stolen, we issued the worker a show cause letter on 28/04/08 and he suppose to reply the show cause and submit to us by 2/05/08 but he didn't turn up until 6/05/08, he came to submitted his show cause letter for this incident, straight away we issue him letter to attend DI on 8/05/08, but on 8/05/08 he didn't turn up and the next day we post register letter for him to attend DI on 14/05/08(2nd chance). But the problem is suspension period for him from 28/04/08 until 14/05/08 already exceed 2 weeks, so is it this is breach of labour law? Actually this case we already report to police but we still have to follow the proper procedure to terminate him. Please advise. Thanks.
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KL Siew
12/05/2008 08:12:13
It does not matter because you are giving him a second change to attend the DI. At this stage you just wait for the outcome of the DI on 14/5. If he were found not guilty, fully salary would be restored for the entire period.
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