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10/05/2008 11:00:35
Re: Constantly changing company handbook

Dear Mr Siew,

My company has a company handbook which states all the rules & regulations of the company, including matters such as leave, allowance, claims & etc. In our appointment letter, there is a clause which says that every staff should follow company handbook, some of the matters will also refer to the company handbook.

However, the MD (employer) will make changes to company handbook every few months, adding or editing clause within the company handbook. Only after the amendment, employer will notify every staff through e-mail. Staff have no say over the amendment. Some of the amendments are not beneficial to staff. In fact, even some of the existing clauses are not fair to staff (eg: under probation not entitle any leave, even MC consider unpaid leave)

When argument arises, the employer will use company handbook as their excuse. What can a staff do to protect their rights? When we sign an agreement (eg: appointment letter) we agreed to the terms written down in black & white, but the terms in the company handbook can change, therefore is the agreement valid?



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KL Siew
10/05/2008 16:47:44
When the terms and conditions keep changing to the disadvantage of the employees, they can make protest to the management. If things do not improve, try to seek the help of the Industrial Relations Department. Keep copies of the old as well as new company handbooks for comparison.
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10/05/2008 23:59:18
Thank You
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