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eddie HCH
08/05/2008 23:21:35
Re: off-days owing

I am leaving my job with an accumulated 64 off-days and 10 days leave. The 64 days were accumulated over four and a half years.

Should my company pay me according to my last drawn basic salary (2008) or according to the various salary drawn over the years when the days were accumulated?

Thats means my 23 days from 2004 be paid based on my salary at that time, 11 days in 2005 according to my salary that year and so on.


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KL Siew
09/05/2008 07:30:35
Try not to accumulate too many off days or don't let them owe you for too long. In my opinion, the payment for off days of that year should be calculated according to the salary of that year .
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