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03/05/2008 14:52:36
Re: Reset years of service

Recently my company have been bought over by another company.There was no payments of any sorts to the employees and the only reason given was that we still have our jobs.
But down the line after a few months things starts to change little by little.
Benefits enjoyed previously are being taken off and employees health care are not as important as before.
Working shift patterns changes to a more tiring patter.Previously working on 4 screws and now is changing to 6 screw type where an employee works 4 contiunous 4 days and rest for 2 days and contiounes back 4 days and rest 2 days.2 weeks will be in the morning and 2 weeks will be in the nights shift.But on each working day the employee are paid 3 hours OT ( 12 hours shift )
Laid offs were given to chosen ones only.
Now the main questions is can the existing employer reset all the employees years of services and if they can what are the conditions that the employer must adhere to it.
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KL Siew
03/05/2008 16:45:28
The only advice I can give is for you to bring the problems to the Industrial Relations Department. You people really have to sit down and talk over it.
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