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23/04/2008 23:48:45
Re: Dissatisfaction towards employer

Is it allowed for the employer of a organsation to not pay bonus to only acertain category of staff (secretaries/clerk/drivers) eventhough the employees have done their work accordingly, while the rest of the employees of other category was rewarded?

There was also appraisal done by the management and the result was average and above average for the category when appraised.

Some of the other category of employees did not get better results from their appriasal but still was paid

Please advice on the next action and step that can be taken by the employees to show dissatisfacton?

We have approach the management but was not able to be given an answer
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KL Siew
24/04/2008 07:35:56
When the payment of bonus is not contractual, the payments are at the discretion of the employer based on their assessment of the employees. There may be some lacking on the part of those employees and they must try to to improve their performance and work attitude. Try to be punctual, don't take too much sick leave or absent from work and so on. Those things can affect bonus payment.

You may also ask the Industrial Relations Department for advice.
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