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22/04/2008 18:58:17
Re: liable for short notice

I given one week notice ( short of 3 weeks), without employer acceptance. (they accept one month notice). I did not turn up after one week notice. Since the employer can direct deduct my salary for the balance of 3 weeks in lieu, do i liable for anything?(they threaten me)
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KL Siew
22/04/2008 19:54:53
Do you have 3 weeks salary for the employer to deduct? If you don't have enough salary, your employer can ask you to pay from your own pocket.
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22/04/2008 23:26:29
yes, i already work for 1 month, excluding not claim working OT and public holiday. so ,in conclusion, as long as my salary is more than enough for 3 weeks in lieu, i will be ok right?
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22/04/2008 23:27:47
Mr Siew, thanks you very much, your advice is much appreciated !
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05/05/2008 12:43:59

Dear Sir,

I have question on the short notice . One of my staff given 1 month notice effective from 12/4/08. But suddenly she called us inform that she is taking unpaid leave from 1/5/08 until her notice period end where 11/5/08. But our boss didnt approve for the unpaid leave. How shall i calculate her salary. Our working hours is 12hour shift.

Please kindly reply my massage as soon as posible.

Thank You.
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