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22/04/2008 17:14:40
Re: Calculation and Compensation

I have tendered my resignation with a 2 months notice, and my last day of service would be 26/5/08.

I requested for an early release by deducting my AL but was rejected by the MD. In this case, i have decided to work till the 19/5/08 and compensate the company for the balance days of short notice.

My question is, when i calculate the days for short notice, does it include the weekends?
My salary is RM2900, what will the calculation be if i intend to compensate them?
How would the calculation be for Employer's EPF and Socso? Will it be deducted/prorated as well?
Do i have to compensate the company before i leave, or can i request for deduction to be made from my salary? Which is more appropriate?
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KL Siew
22/04/2008 17:53:48
You should compensate 2900/31x 7 days short notice (from 20/5 to 26/5 presuming you are working on 19/5)
EPF and SOCSO will be for salary earned up to 19/5. I think the indemnity paid by you does not attract EPF or SOCSO, I guess. Better confirm with EPF and SOCSO.

Deducting from you salary will be more convenient, I suppose.
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