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19/04/2008 19:31:07
Re: Not confirmed not entitled to sick or hospitalization leave?

My wife works in a major supermarket in Penang. Her probation period is 6 months and as of now, the 6 months probation is not up so she has not been confirmed.

Recently she was certified sick by the supermarket's panel clinic and was given an MC. The same day the panel clinic referred her to a hospital. The supermarket normally pays for employees to be admitted to GH but we told the panel clinic to refer to a private hospital.

She was hospitalized the next day. After discharge, her sick leave was until 3 days later. She went back for follow up check the day before she was due to report for work. The hospital doctor extended her sick leave for 4 more days.

The supermarket's policy is that any employee who has not yet been confirmed is not allowed sick leave and will be forced to take no pay leave. In the offer letter which my wife signed, it was stated that "all sick leave will be considered upon successfully completed the probation". There was no mention of which hospital she can be admitted to.

Is the company right in not honoring MC of employees who has not been confirmed?

As my wife was not admitted to a hospital ad not GH, will she be able to claim hospitalization leave?

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19/04/2008 19:38:50
My wife's salary is less than RM1500
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KL Siew
19/04/2008 19:58:11
I don't think the "all sick leave will be considered upon successfully completed the probation".clause is valid. Your wife can complain to the Labour Department about it.
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