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19/04/2008 12:59:45
Re: Employee Resign After Two Weeks Work

I know you have been doing a good job for advising the employee. Today I am going to share with you my experience as a boss and I would like you to put this situation in my shoes. Recently, I have employ a staff starting work on 31/3/08. On the 15/4/08, he told me he is going to resign immediately as per my contract it is one day notice for probation staff. Before hand, he has come two saturdays for seminar as our job require some knowledge. At the employee stand point, there is nothing to lose if they leave as the job is not suitable. But at employer view, we have given him our uniform, badge, handphone sim card, preparing computer and training. It is a lose as he leave and not even contributing back to company during his service.
1. Shall I pay him the half month salary?

2. Is there any Law protecting employer as now we realize most people come to work to try and if cannot take it, they will leave. I would say the employer has been exploited and not the employee.

Lastly, I have give up on the local people behavior and I am searching for Indonesian Chinese to work as they have a better attitude and more hard working. I don't even have to pay for their levy. What I need is the process fee. If this is the solution, I would share this with many business friends as 100% of them are facing same problem like me. The local has disappoint most employer for being lazy and not able to take any to work for 5 days and not productivity. This is my point of view and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
19/04/2008 14:16:03
Thanks for sharing your experience. I do respond to queries from employers but it happens that most of the queries came from employees.

I am not sure whether your company is a 5-day week company. If so, I think your asking them to come on Saturdays for seminar/training may not go down well with them even though as you said they have nothing to lose. They may not think so. Wearing uniform is not a common practice here especially for employees in the high categories. Such things can really put them off. Anyway, when the labour market demands are good, workers tend to move around, this is one of the problems by employers, not your company alone. Now about your queries,

1. Since one day notice is the agreed period of notice, you will have to pay for the half month's work.

2. Yes, there is no such law preventing employees from leaving if they feel they don't like the job and I feel there shouldn't be one like that ever.

I am not so sure about Indonesian Chinese workers and I am also not so sure about not having to pay levy for them. If yours is a foreign company trying to do business here, I think it is better to slowly adept to the local work culture.
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21/04/2008 19:06:22
Hi KL Siew,

Thanks for your response. We are working half day on Saturday. We are also moving out of Penang soon. Business here is slow is not only because economy is bad but also the attitude of the employee. Even KL people also cannot stand the people here.

Good to hear from you.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
22/04/2008 09:49:34
Hope you have better luck elsewhere.
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