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19/04/2008 00:58:27
Re: Disputes regarding leave

Dear Mr Lim,

I've applied for public holiday leave in leiu from my company on several different occasion. On the first occasion I've got a reply from the duty manager and says it was rejected. Then later on another occasion I've applied I did not got any verbal nor written / email conformation from the duty manager. I've decided to continue with my leave. Upon returning from my leave, I check my email, I've received an email saying my leave was not approve. The email was sent to my inbox on the evening of my first day of applied leave. Now my line manager has claim that I was AWOL. What is your oppinion, am I wrong for taking my leave as I did not receive any confirmation whether is it approve or not approve. By the way I'm new in the company.
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19/04/2008 01:00:09
Dear Mr Siew.......

Sorry mistaken identity
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