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18/04/2008 00:41:13
Re: Resigned without giving notice.

Hi Kl SIew,

On the month of January, we have one staff who want to quit the job but refused to give notice(reason he said he do not need to give any notice as the company haven't confirm him;Fyi the company had confirmed him by increase his salary but without any confirmation letter), and he didn't' show up to work for more than 2 days. By the way, he also threatened the company staff if the company do not pay his salary in full amount of salary;company agreed to pay only half month salary because he refused to serve the notice.(Company staff had lodged a police report regarding the threatened matter). Between the period he also send some people to come and disturbed company restaurant customer.(company made a 2nd police report on that matter).
Recently company received a letter from labor office stating "Kes Buruh" saying the company haven't pay the staff one month salary and 28days notice salary". My question is: What can the company do on this cases? Is it appropriate for a company to get a lawyer to take legal action on that staff?Because the staff was telling lie to the labor office & Will the police report help?.(Company staff will be attending the the discussion as inform by the labor office soon)
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KL Siew
18/04/2008 06:55:46
You may bring along your lawyer when you attend at the Labour Office. If you are asked by the Labour Office to bring along other witnesses, you bring them along too. Ask the Labour Officer first whether it is going to be just a discussion or a formal hearing of the case.

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