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17/04/2008 16:21:48
Re: pls advice


My brother works as a technician in a factory. For the past several months, he has been filling in a supervisor's job while they wait to recruit someone for it but he is not getting any additional pay for this. Isn't this against the law, to employ someone in a higher position and not give them the additional allowance for it?

Your advice would be much appreciated.


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KL Siew
17/04/2008 16:53:02
Since your brother can do the job of the supervisor for so many months, why not ask his boss to promote him to be a supervisor rather than looking for another person? Hopefully he may get some salary increase. Try it, don't by shy about it.
However, there is no law saying that the boss must give addition allowance. If your brother keeps quiet, the boss may also keep quiet about giving allowance.
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01/05/2008 16:08:00
Mr Siew,

Thanks for your reply. I will pass on your advice to my brother.
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